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As my Black Douglas ancestors would say the way of White Crane is a warrior’s way.  This way of this warrior is not about war, but about the fight for peace.  This type of warrior does not seek the attention of others, rather seeks, in a hidden way, to shift their attention to a more productive path than that of hate and war.  The Warrior of the White Crane is well-cloaked indeed, walking in the world but not OF the world.  One cannot become such a Warrior overnight.  There are no quick fixes with this Medicine, no magic potions. Yet, it is a path that can begin with a simple first step. 

Not everyone will choose to take that step, but perhaps, it is only the One who does, the One who matters, that will make a difference. Quietly, hidden, a Ninja of the spirit, even one warrior who seems as insignificant and small, a little mouse, so to speak, can make a difference greater than any army on Earth.

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We, as individuals, can choose to become like White Crane who stands quietly balanced in the midst of the chaos that swirls around us.  No matter where we are, we can create a sacred space of peace and stillness about us.  From that balanced sanctuary comes the true path to healing of ourselves, of society, of humanity and of our Earth.  From that still point comes all the Medicine and Power of the universe.  From that point, the right action can be done. 

​The choice is not about pacifism, fear-filled apathy or revolutionary violence.  Maybe I am wrong.  Others who preach those choices may be right.  I have never claimed to have all the answers. No one does on this human-Earth path we walk together.  Yet, I truly believe there is a different way. The only way to find that Way is the warrior’s way of which I write.  By Becoming White Crane, we can find that new way, the path to a brighter future as Warriors of the Heart.  Without balance, without silence, the heart cannot find proper action.  That is the key. 

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Or see “Becoming White Crane: The Warrior’s Path” under “Books and…”

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Dr. Martha as Warrior of the Heart

Do I look like a “warrior” in this pic of me with my old pup Max? No, I probably just look like an old dog-loving nerd.  So how does one describe being a “Warrior of the Heart?”  I came to this title through reflections upon the times we find ourselves in today.  We are truly at a nexus in our history.  The future of our Earth and humanity as a whole depends upon the choices we make and the actions we take TODAY (not tomorrow, not next week, not next year!) For time is indeed short.  Time is accelerating.  Perhaps you have noticed that change.  Our world is becoming more chaotic, more violent, and more fearful.  Humanity’s harsh footprints on Mother Earth are becoming more evident as we plunge toward a point that will soon mark no return.  We are rapidly moving to a precipice of choice. 


Such choice must be made by each individual as their heart sees fit, that darned free will thing.  The choice is simple, but the choice, at the same time a difficult one.  It is a choice of 2 paths: love vs. fear. 

All anger, violence, hatred and destruction ultimately has fear at its root.  The choice of love may seem an easy one, but sometimes it can be the hardest choice of all.  Thus, I have chosen the hard road and dedicated my life to pursuing a warrior’s path, but a warrior of a way very different from the common conception. In my study of the eastern arts, White Crane represents balance and harmony in the midst of a chaotic world.  When crane dances, joy abounds on the path to harmony and enlightenment! In that still point between the worlds, great power lies. The Path of White Crane is thus the Path of a Warrior.

The chain of fear, war, hatred and violence must be broken for lasting change.  Otherwise, there will be no history left for our grandchildren.  There will be nothing left at all.  The effect on the seventh generation must be held as paramount to every action we choose to take.  Right action can only come from that still point between the worlds.  Mind and heart can triumph over matter.  Since the physical world is created by the mind, so can it be changed.  That is the form of action that must be taken if we want a world to be left for the generations that follow us. 


If you choose to join me on this path through the offerings I share (books, music, classes and more), I must warn you. There is powerful Medicine here.  It is a path far more dangerous than the outward warrior way of physical posturing and war. It is an inner path that carries the key to far more power. It is the path of true Knowing and true Seeing.  This path is not easy.  The path of Knowledge is the warrior’s path.  It requires much discipline and bravery.  Yet, it is a path that can truly transform ourselves and our world, so a path well-worth traveling.  Although this path is not easy, it can be fun.  A major part of the Warrior’s path is to find joy along the way.  Never choose a path that does not have heart and joy!  Join me if you choose...  Click here:

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