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Offerings from Dr. Martha Healer/Seer:

All aimed at learning self-balance, self-healing, self- Seeing… Everyone has a Healer Inside!  Learning to See beyond the veils… 

Energy Healing

Readings (Tarot, energy, chakras, and more) (the eclectic psychic form of Dr. Martha)


Touch Healing


Sound Healing

Magnetic Healing

Chakra Balancing

Healing with Crystals and Stones


Remote Healing and Seeing (Tele-Witch Medicine)

Classes on Chakras, Qi Gong, Energy Balancing, Working with Crystals and Stones, Earth/Moon Cycles, Developing “Magic Eyes” (see the Fairies among the Flowers), Earth Energy, Ancient Wisdom Ways (those that can be shared), and more…

Short Writings/Lectures on Self-Healing Through These Ways

Also see my books as many ways are given therein (Books, etc)

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