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I struggled with the writing of this “me” most of all.  My awesome web guy was no doubt getting most impatient with me.  It is a highly private, hidden part of me that I feel almost unworthy of expressing.  Many great teachers and healers have crossed my path.  For these crossings alone, I feel more gratitude than I could ever feel for any academic accolades or fat salaries offered and declined.   I feel very humble and privileged to have even felt the soft touch of their gentle and wise presence gifted by these people of Knowing and Seeing.  Their wisdom freely and generously given to this small woman of little significance has been grander than any “knowledge” books of science or Western medicine could ever bring.  What Knowing from their teaching I have been allowed to share, I have done so in my books and writings (see “Offerings”).  Yet, much of it I cannot share unless given permission from Spirit. For explanation,  I quote Little Crow from “The Sacred Hill Within” :

Dr. Martha as Natural Healer/Seer

"Who's Healing Who?!" says the dog

My personal tribal learning came from my fiery, red-headed Scottish mother Francis, a proud member of the Black Douglas clan, a descendant of Archibald Douglas and named after Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox (American Revolutionary War hero).  I carry “Marion” as my middle name.  Francis held the “weirding ways” of her ancient clan’s women, handed down through many generations.  These “ways” she kept well-hidden in the Deep South of the 1950’s.  I was gifted the learning of Eastern ways in my teens by Dr. Wilton Tugwell, my medical mentor and first spiritual adviser.  He was a well-known surgeon and GP in Pensacola of that time and a 33rd degree Mason.  He painted as well, and documented his visits to China with a painting of an elder that says it all. I have practiced these Eastern ways for over 50 years and am still learning.  Many other teachers of the Eastern wisdom traditions came to me over time and I continue my learning, but always return to Wilton and his painting. 


Anyway, that’s about all I can say.  I learned from some awesome elders and teachers along the way, but in no way consider myself even near their level.  I have been instructed, though, through spirit, to begin opening the door on the “who-doo-woo-doo” me.  I am, after all, related to Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen, and hold, with permission, a piece of her grave stone.


​​“Ceremonies were given to and designed by members within tribal groups themselves for the explicit use of those tribal members only.  They were never meant to be taken outside of the tribal context and traded, shared or bargained with.  Anyone who says differently is just looking for work out among the spiritually starved.”

I worked with many indigenous cultures over my life; in Mexico, on the American Indian Reservations, and in New Zealand.  I was allowed some teaching in many of their traditions as well.  My sister-in-law Edie brought me to the Qabalah and the Tarot. She learned Hebrew and became a master through the study of the true esoteric meanings in these teachings as they were before journeying from Africa through Egypt to the Middle East and finally the West.  Edie knew hidden wisdom that came from the Ethiopian ways and the Ark of the Covenant supposedly still kept there, hidden in a tiny, humble temple.  She was also a Tai-Chi and Reiki master, but one would never guess.  In addition, she was woman of pure heart and spirit, giving only love to the world and those who knew her.  Edie was a true wisdom woman, but kept this well-hidden except to the few.  I call her my “meta-physical sister” and miss her sorely.


We are at a critical nexus and all who carry heart and spirit must stop holding back any parts of ourselves or tools we hold to offer for healing individuals, humanity and our planet.  Thus, I have come out of the closet with certain writings and offerings I am now allowed to share.  My “weirding ways” herald from many traditions and are thus eclectic and my own.  I was, after all, labeled a “Witch Doctor,” by a colleague, a badge of honor I wear proudly, but of which I do not feel at all deserving.  Explore the offerings of this “me” if you feel adventurous and daring.  That means you’re ready to walk through the mirror to see what’s on the other side.  All I can say is you will find fun and magic in that land of the Real.

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